I am Sudha, your German teacher. I started learning German in 1977 as my second language in Class 11. This was mostly the written form of the language with translation playing a major role in those days. My speaking skillls were quite limited. I actually started speaking German when I went to Germany to do research in Chemistry in 1991. There were two women (einechinesische Professorin und eineungarische Studentin) who only spoke Germanbesides their native language, because of which I was forced to speak German. This is when I realized that you don’t really know a language unless you can speak it – a learning experience that I am incorporating into my teaching method.

Some years ago, when I was teaching Chemistry to Engineering undergraduates, one day some students approached me with a surprising request. They had somehow found out that I knew German, and they wanted me to teach them. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them at that time, but these students were the inspiration for me to teach German and I promised myself that I would, once I retired from Chemistry. I decided that I should teach German with the purpose of giving people the necessary boost to achieve their life’s goals. And what is more appropriate than training them for the Goethe A1 exam for kickstarting their career? In order to do this meaningfully, I reasonedthat I need to know first-hand how the Goethe exams are conducted, if my students are to genuinely benefit. Until then, I had not taken any exam of the Goethe Institut. I first took the C1 and then the C2 (GDS) exam. Passing these exams at the first attempt gave me a lot of insight as to how I need to tailor my teaching methods so that my students are able to pass the A1 exam at the first attempt. I look forward to meeting you all in class.

Get off to a flying start by taking my intensive training course for the Goethe A1 (Start Deutsch) exam

  • Your trainer has the Goethe C2 certificate (Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom), so knows exactly how to prepare you for the Goethe Zertifikat exam
  • A retired chemist who has lived and worked in Germany, your trainer has in-depth knowledge of Germany and German culture
  • You’ll be taught with complete focus on the Goethe A1 Zertifikat exam which is not easy for a beginner if the learning method is not exam-oriented
  • Teaching will not be by translation from English to German as this will not at all help you in the exam
  • The exam is held entirely in German, so you’ll be learning to speak German almost from the first day of the course
  • You have the guarantee that if you fail the Goethe A1 exam, you can take the course again for free